Friday, November 16, 2007

a good time to start something..

People always wait for a good time or right time to start something.., either something to do with personal or professional life. They're trying to prepare everything as perfect as possible even though they know there will be no perfect thing in this world.. Nothing perfect in this world we often heard that for any situation either to find the excuses.. or to make ourselves feel better coz our failure in doing thing right...or acting wise by giving advice to others..

The question is.."is there any right time to do or start something?" or there will be no " a-right-time". Say that we have to make decision to get married or to change job or career, we always wait for the right time..The right time when have enough money... or any other reason...The right time is something people feel secured to do something...which I believe it's only coming up from ourselves..our faith..very unique and personal..

In my case I've been learning that Everyday is a good time to start something...regardless it will work or not..its gonna be different story. Coz Every day is a New Day...and Every day is a Gift.. that we have to thank for.. either we want to do something different than yesterday..or we want to get we used to..

As today, I make it as a good time to write this Blog..about my family specially my two precious little children Gifta and Anugrah.. my mood..Just my simple life expectation or any sophisticated story.. it might be full of grammatical error..but still They're gonna be memory whether sweet..bitter..sad..there will be always something that I can learn.