Thursday, October 23, 2008

Lousy Mum all right...

No matter how hard i tried to be a good Mum..still sad story indeed coming around in between managing my home and works..home means children and their activities happened like yesterday
Gifta Mandarin Small Test Story..soon i knew that Gifta would have Mandarin small test, on the way back home from work i called one the mum that i believe a-very- reliable- source for any information related to school. She told me the material for test..would page 53 to 59 for the day after tomorrow, i still have time then..i usually prepare vocabulary flash card that i made myself related to this page to help my girl to study not always..if still have time. On the way Ayah called that the children want McD for dinner, they didnt want to eat the whole day coz they were not feeling then when ayah called, they asked for McD and Ayah was delegating to me..see the SOP really works here...what-a-busy-after-office-hour-duty :-)
with bag of Mc D, i got home Nugra's only want chips, Gifta some of chicken and rice..hhmm...they're not fully recovered from they still lost their appetite...i feel sad, tired yes but more to sad to see my lovely ones pada lemes begitu...i decided tomorrow Gifta doesnt have to go to school, Nugra has to go for Photo session...He was going to wear the Bali traditional Custom ..He's so then ok, that would be ok ..i think. The next day Gifta insisted to go to school, as usual i dropped off before ofis everything normal..until 10 o'clock i"m got a call from ita (one of the mums at school) that "nugra-muntah-muntah" di sekolah..."keliatannya lemes banget"...i feel like going home but i could not so i call my assistant to pick up my boy...., i called home my assistant said that he only wanted to eat apple didnt want anything else..i feel so frustrating that i couldn't be with him...
the story goes..sorry if its bored you to death, i tried to leave early but traffic put me in damage..i got home 7.30...straight to business.., see how's the kids doing..specially nugra...he didnt have fever but still "lemes-lemes", and he went to bed early with his dad..while Kakak would have then had to prepare..there you go.. i got my flash card already "from -shua ya till yuan quan" if you know what i mean..starting.."brush teeth" then my girl say " shua ya".."fast" then my girl said "kuai".. i could see the Gifta was tired..she said mum i am tired.., i asked to sit in my continue.., still tired continue in bed..she got spirit you know..!! i am so proud of her...
In the morning, I walked with her to the class...its full already..i wanna make sure that she's all rite, she didnt make family tree home work i said its ok i would talk to her teacher... then i heard over two-mums conversation about mandarin turned out the test was not from the page that we prepared but different..its from "the-worksheet"... WHAT!!!!!!
without invitation i joined the conversation.. "R u Sure??" yes.., what about page 55-59 ? i insist alias ngotot.."its homework" ..OMG...i felt really bad, i didnt how to react....just feeling guilty all over to my girl. i should have checked to other mum..but its too late...nothing i could about it..
i said sorry to my Gifta.., it was completely mum's fault ... it seems she didnt worry at all, i should learn from her...
this thing would not go away..its still going around in my head, i saw my watched it was 3 oclock oh my baby girl already home by now so then i called her..
+ hi Gifta..what are you doing?
- im doing my home-work mum..its math
+ so how's your test today? can you do it?
- hhhmm..kayaknya sih ngga bisa... (with-no-regret-tone)
+ its ok lah..maafin mami ya..
- ok mum..
most important thing ...that she is all right..!! but still I am a lousy mum all right!!!